What Makes Burger King’s Kids Meal A Decent Option?

Well, Burger King makes good burgers, if not the best! We all agree on that! Their Whoppers are undeniably iconic and have always found followers for its taste and history! As an adult, I am fine with it. But what  about my Kids? Do they get satisfactory meals at Burger King? Is their menu full with options for Kids? I would say, they are doing a decent job here. Burger King Kids meal is something that you can always come back to, if you want your Kids to have something easy and simple.

What is Burger King Kids Menu?

Burger King offers 4 different meal options for Kids right now. They are

  • Cheeseburger King Jr Meal
  • 4 pc Chicken Nuggets King Jr Meal
  • 6 pc Chicken Nuggets King Jr Meal
  • Hamburger King Jr Meal

If you wish to see your Kids have Burgers, you have them. If you like them to have only Nuggets, you have them too! So, what about the complete meal options?

King Jr Meal Side options:

The burger or the Nuggets come with your choice of Dipping sauces which include

  • BBQ 
  • Honey Mustard 
  • Ranch
  • Zesty
  • Buffalo
  • Sweet & Sour
  • Heinz Honey Racha

The sides include

  • Kid’s Fries
  • Kid’s Applesauce
  • Kid’s Onion Rings

Drinks options are plenty for Kids as they have added choices like Milk and Apple Juice.

  • Kids Apple Juice
  • Fat Free Milk
  • Kids Coca-Cola
  • Kids Diet Cola
  • Kids Sprite
  • Kids Sprite Zero
  • Kids Dr. Pepper
  • Kids Powerade Zero
  • Kids Tea Iced
  • Simple Orange Juice
  • Bottled Water

What is good about a Kids meal at Burger King?

They are committed to serving Kids meals through their Children’s Food and Beverage Advertising Initiative (CFBAI) that the meal options will have at least one entree, a side dish and a beverage. 

Also, no more than 560 calories per meal will be provided, along with no more than 30% of calories from Fat. In addition, no more than 600 mg of Sodium and no more than 10% calories from Sugars are provided.

Apart from this, the four options, though not much, gives sufficient choices for Kids and that is what most people would like to see, from a parent’s perspective.